Our ambassadors

Our ambassadors commit themselves to the charity campaign. They help by „planting hope“ and carrying on the message of HANDBAG/BACK TO PEACE.

Cornelia Rimpau

Yared Dibaba

Jochen Schropp

Alice Dwyer

Liz Buffoe

Rike Schmid

Coco Pelger

Judith Döker

“Love is a flover you’ve got to let grow!”

Jennifer Ulrich

Götz Alsmann

Thomas Bühner

Lisa Maria Potthoff

Anja Constance Gaca

Miriam Pielhau

Michael Kessler

Nina Massek   


Wladimir Kaminer

Mareile Höppner

Trio Boulanger

Tom Keune

Heike Boomgaarden

Olga Kaminer

Sabine Gräfin von Hardenbrg

Insa Winkler

Donata Wenders

Tanya Neufeldt

Janis Zaurins

Sandra Quadflieg

Gudrun Gosmann & Feodora Prinzessin zu Hohenlohe

Lene Freifrau von dem Bussche-Hünnefeld

“Bags are often super valued. Children sometimes unfortunately not.“

Ulla Weller

“I’d like to plant hope – in the heads and handbags of this world!“

Volker-Johannes Trieb

„Let’s think big – if set up in the middle of a city or posted on facebook, maybe a handbag in itself will become a symbol of more humanity? For peace? It is worth a try.“

Volker-Johannes Trieb, Viktoria Freifrau von dem Bussche & Stephan Stolze

Viktoria Freifrau von dem Bussche

“Let’s donate! And everyone who believes a donation to be only a drop in the bucket, I tell them: ’Even the ocean consists of single drops!’“ (W.B. Yeats)

Deborah & Viktor von dem Bussche-Ippenburg

“The farmer’s field always wins over the battle field eventually.“

Janaa Prüss

“The good cannot be stopped.“